Two upcoming events on the same night at different ends of the planet.

On Monday night, 24 April, I'm involved in two different events at the opposite ends of the planet.  

On Monday night, 24 April at 7:00 pm, as part of the Organic Art 2017 series, at the Lulea University of Technology, Pitea, Sweden, in the Acusticum hall, Gary Verkade will present a concert of music for organ and electronics, including "Fungi of the Wombat Forest" (2015) for organ and electronics, and "Justice, Equality and Beatings V" (1989) for organ and electronics, both by yours truly.  Also on the program will be David Dunn's "Ennoia I" for organ and electronics, and Robert Paredes' "Fleeting Ecologies in an Ontology of Halting."  



Then, on the same night, in Melbourne, as part of the La Mama Musica series at La Mama Theatre, 205 Faraday St, Carlton, "Making Music Grate," a "time-scheduled improvisation event" devised by Gary Butler, will happen at 7:30 pm ($15/$10), which will feature a ten-tet of Gary Butler, Warren Burt, Rafa Kaczmarek, Robbie Avenaim, Adrian Sherriff, Vincent Giles, Nadia Knight, Ernie Althoff, Tim Hilton and Houston Dunleavy. So if you're in Melbourne, see you there!


Two Exhibitions to Note

I've got works in two currently running group exhibitions.  

From 30 March to 8 July, 2017, there is a show "Red Green Blue: A History of Australian Video Art" at the Griffith University Art Gallery, 226 Grey St, South Bank, Brisbane.  The show is divided up into 3 "chapters." My work, among many others, is in the 3rd Chapter, from 6 June to 8 July.


And from 6-29 April, there is the return of "To Hear is to See" an exhibition of visual/sound works, organized by Gue Schmidt.  That takes place at MAG3 Project Room in Vienna.

MAG3 PROJECTROOM  SCHIFFAMTSGASSE 17, A 1020 VIENNA (Accsessible by U2 Taborstrasse and/or U4 Schottenring/ Exit U2 Herminengasse) Phone: +43 676 3409218 http://www.nammkhah.at/Mag3/index.html

So if you're in the neighborhood, do drop in on those - plenty of good works to hear/see by a lot of interesting people.


Latest articles in Soundytes on-line magazine

In this bi-month's issue of Soundbytes (soundbytesmag.net), I have two articles - first, an interview with Michael Gogins, who writes some really beautiful computer music:


Many many thanks to Mike for being part of this.  Much appreciated!

And then there is Part 1 of my two-part review of Spitfire Audio's Spitfire Symphony Orchestra sample set, a very marvelous piece of work:


Look out for Part 2 of this review in May.

I hope you enjoy both articles, and maybe even find them useful.  Enjoy!


Video Surveillance - a Video by Blaise Tobia from 1975-76, featuring yours truly

You've all been aware of the Wikileaks findings - WikiLeaks says the CIA can use your TV to spy on you. (from The Guardian, March 7, 2017).  Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia recently posted a video that Blaise had made back in 1976, with footage from 1975 of me talking and having electronic music playing in the background, showing that we were all not only aware of this 42 years ago, but also discussing the means by which it occurs.  Featuring Aardvarks IV, my electronic music composing machine, as the "box with lots of shiny knobs" that we were going to package the devices in.  Here's the video:

A nice hit of nostalgia seeing this old video.  And how lucky we are to be able to have lived long enough to see the predictions made by us way back then come (sort of) true.  Enjoy!


A new video of an old favorite

The wonderful percussionist Miquel Angel Bernat has been performing my 1998 piece "Vibraphone and Sine Waves: Beat Generation in the California Coastal Ranges" for quite some time now.  Here's a video of him performing it on a beautiful vibraphone made by the Alves company in Brazil.  You can watch the video HERE:


or HERE:


(If you watch it on the Alves Percussion site, it's the 9th one over.)


It's a lovely performance and a lovely video.  Many thanks Miquel!
And if you want to find out more about Miquel and his work, go HERE: https://www.ictus.be/BERNAT